Weekend Roundup

Welcome to another edition of the Weekend Roundup — VuMedi Cycling’s weekend news digest.


Kits have Arrived!

If you haven’t already seen the new kits from Jakroo, check them out here.

Team Photo Shoot

Make sure you follow VuMedi on social media. Our official 2015 team photo shoot is taking place on March 21st. We are going to be uploading some photos that you won’t want to miss!


Snelling. The first true test of the team’s fitness level and ability to cohesively work as a unit. VuMedi brought eleven riders to go up against some of NorCal’s top talent — Airgas, Mike’s Bikes, Bear Development Team, and Herbalife24. The race was fast and no breakaway was able to form. Towards the conclusion of the race, the team worked hard to position VuMedi’s sprinter, Matt Schaupp, near the front of the race. Communication between team members was on point — VuMedi was working well together. After seven laps of the race circuit, the field sprinted up a slight rise in the road to the finish line.

The podium consisted of Daniel Holloway (Athlete Octane), Chris Riekert (Team Mike’s Bikes) and Tommy Lucas (Bear Development). Matt Schaupp achieved the teams highest placing of 9th. See a listing of the full results here. Check out Matt’s ride on Strava here.


Andrew Biscardi and Stephen Cabebe didn’t get their full weekend dose of racing at Snelling, and they decided to take on the Merced Criterium on Sunday. Attacks flew right from the sound of the gun. Andrew and Stephen worked hard covering breakaways, but eventually one slipped away and they weren’t in it. They gave contributed to the peloton’s chase, but the breakaway had stuck.

The podium consisted of Andrew Goessling (Rapha Cycling Club), Colin Daw (Team Mike’s Bikes) and Jack Maddux (Hot Tubes Development Team). See a full listing of results here. Check out Andrew’s race on Strava here.


New Kits Have Arrived!

Nothing says, “let’s crush Snelling and Chico,” like some brand new kits from Jakroo! It isn’t advertised on their site, but these kits do give racers extra style watts.



Not only is the kit material durable, breathable and lightweight, but Jakroo delivered them a week early! So the next time you see a VuMedi rider, they will be decked out in this chic new design.

Overall, the design did not differ drastically from last year’s. The changes that did occur include adding more black on the rib panels and logo placement changes to better reflect the sponsors.

We set the bar very high for the clothing we wear. When we are in a six hour race, we need clothing that is comfortable and performs in all conditions. Thus far, Jakroo’s product has lived up to our utmost expectations. We look forward to continuing to build our relationship with them.

Weekend Roundup

Welcome to another weekly edition of VuMedi’s Weekend Roundup. Last weekend saw Bryan take a ‘W’ and Andrew and Byron step onto the podium. Vumedi’s consistency continued this weekend with 5 podium placings consisting of 3 wins. This ups the season total to 10 podiums and 5 wins.



Kirk Carlsen Retires from the Pro Peloton

NorCal Cycling News published two great articles this week. The first describes Kirk Carlsen’s retirement from the professional peloton. The article narrates his development and racing success through the years as well as his motivation to come on board with VuMedi to assist with rider development.

Kirk Carlsen has quietly retired from professional cycling, but it was not for lack of talent and determination.

The former Jelly Belly rider was the subject of much speculation during the autumn transfer season.  In November, Jelly Belly announced its list of extensions and new signees, but Carlsen’s name was glaringly absent. With a number of impressive performances in 2014, particularly his 4th overall at the Tour of Gila that was a mere 16 seconds behind the winner, it seemed as though Carlsen was poised for an even bigger 2015 with a bigger team.

Read more here.

VuMedi Cycling Cultivates New Talent for 2015

This second article provides an overview of the VuMedi program as well as the current season’s roster.

VuMedi Cycling Team is pleased to present our 2015 program of riders and sponsors. For 2015, VuMedi Cycling Team will continue pursuing our chief objective: developing young riders to the elite level. To achieve this end, VuMedi Cycling Team is registering as a Domestic Elite Program for 2015.

For our second year running, VuMedi Cycling Team’s 16-rider roster will be based out of Northern California. We will be sending the Domestic Elite Team to National Calendar Races in the Western United States.

Read more here.




This weekend marked the arrival of Jonathan Sandoval. He hails from the medium sized town of Puente Grande which is right outside of Guadalajara, west of Mexico City. A strong rider, Jonathan has been cycling competitively since 2010. Prior to joining VuMedi he raced for Fournier C.C. He brings with him an extreme amount of talent, potential and knowledge to pass on to the development riders. It took him no time at all to prove this, racking up a win and a podium.

Jonathan, Jason and Andrew traveled to Coalinga, CA to take on the Cantua Creek Road Race. Being right next to Harris Ranch, we are lucky none of the riders passed out from the smell of manure. The course consisted of three laps of rolling hills totaling 78 miles.

In his inaugural race, Jonathan did not disappoint and brought home the ‘W.’ The race was tough and the peloton broke apart quite a bit over the rolling hills. With one lap to go, Jonathan forced a break with one other rider. When the time came, the hammer was dropped and Jonathan nabbed the victory. As peloton approached the line, Andrew conducted a solid lead-out for Jason who got third in the bunch sprint. Check out Jason’s race on Strava.


Todd Stone made sure to take no prisoners on Saturday as he stormed to victory in the Folsom Winter Criterium. Here is what he had say post-race.

I was hesitant to do this race. I don’t consider myself a sprinter, and the course is flat, boring and only has one corner 400m from the finish. A break was the only way I thought I was going to do well, and Data Driven Athlete had an army of homies who all like breakaways. Unfortunately, they were marked all race, and nothing was allowed to leave. 
At the start of the last lap, I snagged onto the back of the Folsom Bike leadout, chilling behind their sprinter John Novikoff. We went flying up the side of a dicey and chaotic pack — I sit and wait. They ran out of steam quite a bit too early. As soon as the last lead-out man pulled off, leaving john to fend for himself, I punched it hard. I knew if I could get through the corner with a gap, I might be able to hold it to the finish. I caught people off guard by going a little early, and took the win!
I’m very excited to have won in that fashion, moves like that take a honed intuition and a willingness to go all in on a risky move. I guess I’m a sprinting ace now.
Check out Todd’s winning ride on Strava.


The team, high off their performances thus far, continued to sweep up results.

The day started started out with another victory as Justin Traud smoked the field in the Coppertown Circuit Race. Stephen followed right behind for third place. Here is what Justin had to say post-race.

Before the race even started, we were down a key teammate — Todd Stone. So when the whistle blew, it was Stephen Cabebe and myself taking on the race.

The race started and right away Cabebe and myself were up near the front watching for breaks to go. I responded to a couple moves that didn’t pan out. Every time I was reeled back, Cabebe would surge forward with the counter move. After about 18 minutes or so, Jeff Buscheck from Davis cycling team made a dig and Cabebe followed, and when a Data Driven Athlete rider went, I followed suit. Next thing you know, we had a six man break and both Cabebe and myself were in it. We had the numbers on the other riders in the break and our six man breakaway managed to get up to a 25 second gap on the chase group.

Coming out of town the officials yelled that it was the final lap. After the turn around we had about 2.5km to go. We were coming up a slight hill and I swung away to the left to move to the back of the pace-line. After a few seconds I realized that no one was watching me, so I shifted up and attacked. Before I knew it, I had a decent gap with Cabebe controlling anybody trying to chase. I sprinted hard up the last hill and once I passed the 200meters to go sign I realized I had got it.

I am super lucky and stoked out of my mind, I crossed the finish line still in shock that the move actually worked. I’d like to thank Stephen Cabebe for the excellent help in the break and the confidence my teammates had in me. I was inspired to bring one home for the team. I’m honored and glad to be a part of VuMedi Elite Cycling Team!!!

Check out Stephen’s ride on Strava here.



Spoiler alert: VuMedi bagged another podium at the Pine Flat Road Race. Once again, it was Jonathan who was the lucky man to step up onto the third spot on the podium. The race saw the riders climb 3,000 feet over 62 miles. On the final climb, the peloton split up into three groups. iRT and Lupus proved to be the strongest and got 1st and 2nd place respectively. Andrew crossed the line in a solid 5th position and Jason a solid 6th. Check out Andrew’s race over on Strava.






Weekend Roundup

Lady luck was once again on VuMedi’s side this weekend as we took on the Knights Ferry Road Race and the Red Kite Bump Circuit Race. All the work the boys put in during the off season is coming to light as VuMedi upped its podium count to five for the season. Saturday and Sunday both brought heavy rain, but that did little to hamper the spirits and efforts of the team.


Saturday saw Byron Anson hotly pursue an early break, solo, for 45 minutes. Upon catching them, he did the thing that most sane people wouldn’t — he attacked. He managed to hold off the riders in the break until the last few hundred meters where one rider from the Terun team managed to slip past him. A rider from the Davis team rounded out the podium in third. Unfortunately, the rest of the VuMedi was plagued with flat tires. Byron ended up finishing the 85 mile race in just over 3.5 hours. Check out the data from Byron’s race over on his Strava page.



Bryan Larsen and Andrew Biscardi took 1st and 3rd, respectively, at the Red Kite Bump Circuit Race. Early in the race, Bryan attacked the peloton allowing Stephen Cabebe (4th place) and Andrew to sit in the main group comfortably. Eventually he was reeled back in, but didn’t relent and threw another attack at the peloton. Having burned too many matches, the peloton couldn’t respond. Sitting in a tired peloton, Andrew and a Bear Development rider surged forward and managed to bridge the gap up to Bryan. From there it came down to a sprint. See Stephen’s race data over on his Strava page.


Bryan has now taken two victories in commanding fashion. Since the start of the season Bryan has been an asset to the team, not just with the tenacity in which he rides his bike, but with the advice and instruction he gives to the developing riders on the team. His racing smarts and level-headedness are invaluable for VuMedi.

Without the help of our friends over at NeilPryde this weekend would not have been possible. So, we will end this first edition of the Weekend Roundup with a beautiful picture of the NeilPryde Nazare after the conclusion of the Knights Ferry Road Race taken by Justin Traud.


Paskenta Road Race Report


This past weekend was my first race of the season with my new team in Paskenta to prepare for the Chico Stage Race. Going into the weekend, my plan was too stay out of trouble, get familiar with the loose gravel section that is featured at the Chico Stage Race and learn team tactics that come into play during a Pro/1/2 race.

As we rolled out to begin our 100 mile day, I couldn’t wait to hit the gravel section around mile 56. I knew it would really split up the group, and that is where the moves would happen. When we finally turned onto the gravel, I felt like I was racing motocross all over again — just without the motor. It was my cup of tea. I managed to get through it quickly with the main group and learned what I need to improve upon going into the Chico Stage Race.

Exiting the gravel, two guys got a 45 second gap on the front group of riders. From there until the finish, I learned how much tactics decide the fate of race. Kirk and Byron hammered at the front of the main field to draw back seconds from the break. With about 25 miles to go, I got in a two man break and we chased as hard as we could to bridge to the two riders up the road! With 19 miles to go, we caught the leaders, and the four of us worked reasonably well together. We managed to open up a sizeable gap between us and the main field.

With five miles to go, one rider from Herbalife24 attacked and soloed away for the win. I buried myself in pain and sprinted in for 2nd place. The finish was close, and I was lucky to be riding such a stiff and powerful bike as the NeilPryde Nazare.

I had a great experience racing with my new team mates and learning to know when to conserve energy and when to put it on the line. Thanks to AJ for all your help and support you gave us this weekend. I had an awesome time with everybody. The support I received from the team and our sponsors is the reason why I was able to step up on the podium.


Jason Gandzjuk

A NorCal Based Elite Cycling Team


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